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Payneham Dukes
Cricket Club

Founded 1868

Performance Report
Round 9

Outstanding Performances 
• Lachlan Roberts 86 (58 balls) 1st XI vs Reynella

New Records
• Under 10 Blue team scored 3/173 (131 runs + 14 wickets (x4)) in 20 overs vs North Pines
• Kate Evans first 50 by a member of the women's team

• Lochlan Roberts 86 1st XI vs Reynella
• Tristan Rex 82 4th XI LO vs Walkerville
• James Brennan 66 4th XI LO vs Walkerville
• Ben Cameron 58 1st XI vs Reynella
• Rishabh Gupta 52 2nd XI vs Goodwood
• Kate Evans 50 1st IX (W) vs Trinity OS
• Cameron/Roberts p/s 119 (9th wkt) 1st XI vs Reynella
• Rex/Brennan p/s 96 (3rd wkt) 4th XI LO vs Walkerville
• Jason Subramaniam 5/21 2nd XI vs Goodwood
• Geoff Wilson 5/52 3rd XI vs Fulham

Sub Juniors (U14 , U12, U10)
• Dougal McLachlan 3/3 U10 Blue vs North Pines
• Alex Zorzi 21r U10 Red vs Brahma Lodge
• Aditya Meda 24r U14 Dukes vs Pooraka Red
• Ted Harslett 25r. U12 Knights vs Hectorville
• Tyson Matthews 22r U12 Knights vs Hectorville

Milestones Achieved
• MT Baker 4000 runs (4018)
• WR Bakewell 1000 runs (1002)

Milestones Approaching
• JY Boerema 2000 runs (1916)
• JG Patel 1000 runs (979)
• AM Evans 1000 runs (979)
• SC Colley 100 wickets (98)
• MA Zappia (SJ) 75 matches (74)

• 1st XI def Reynella (71 runs)
• 2nd XI def by Goodwood (outright by 8 wkts)
• 3rd XI def by Fulham (137 runs)
• 4th XI def by [R13] Pembroke OS (5 wkts)
• 4th XI def [R14] Walkerville (27 runs)
• 1st IX (W) def [R2] Gepps Cross (7 runs)
• 1st IX (W) def [R3] Trinity OS (24 runs)
• U14 Dukes [R10] def Pooraka (60 runs)
• U14 Knights [R10] def by Golden Grove (38 runs)
• U12 Dukes [R10] def Walkerville Lions (6 runs)
• U12 Knights [R10] def Hectorville (32 runs)
• U10 Blue [R13] def by Walkerville Lions (82 runs)
• U10 Blue [R14] def North Pines (97 runs)
• U10 Red [R13] def Brahma Lodge (58 runs)
• U10 Red [R14] def Walkerville Leopards (2 runs)

Actual scorebooks can be viewed at

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Peter Herbert, a past Payneham and State player has written a book on "The History of Payneham Oval". It contains information on all users of the Payneham Oval & other historic events from 1836.

The book may be purchased with prior orders being placed with Bob Wilton on 8367 5824 or on The cost of the book will be $20 and payment to be made by cash or cheque (payable to the Payneham Cricket Club).

Payment by credit card will be by arrangement with the Treasurer, Nick Zachat.


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Don von Einem
Ph: 0418 811 092

Payneham Oval and Clubrooms
JohnStreet, Payneham

DevittAvenue, Trinity Gardens

1932 Foundation Club of the
Adelaide Turf Cricket Association

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